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April 22, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

April 8: The owner of a business in the 19900 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road rang up a sale for four wheels. When he walked back to the outdoor storage area he found two of the four wheels missing. As he looked around he noticed a large hole in the fence. After calling police, it was determined that a total of 12 wheels had been stolen from the business. The case is under investigation.
   April 8: On Saturday, the owner of a Yamaha Quadrunner that was stored at a business in the 19500 block of 144th Avenue Northeast took his son to see the vehicle. The four-wheeler had been tricked out with new chrome, wheels and custom paint. On Monday the man arrived a work and found the Quadrunner missing. The suspect(s) removed the vehicle through the roller door which was unlocked.
   While police were responding to this call, they received a second call from the business next door which reported the theft of a laptop computer. Police determined that the interior doors between the two businesses usually remain unlocked. Officers found no signs of forced entry. About 25 employees between the two businesses have keys and access to the facility. The case is under investigation.
   April 5: A man pulled into a gas station in the 15600 block of Northeast Woodinville-Duvall Road and asked the clerk if they accepted personal checks. The clerk told the suspect that they accept checks for gas but not groceries. The suspect pumped $28 worth of gas and returned with a Seafirst Bank check. The clerk wrote down the suspect's driver's license number and told the man to wait while he verified the check. The suspect disregarded this request and quickly left the store and sped off. The check did not clear and the clerk did not get the suspect's license plate.
   Officers called the phone number on the check and spoke to a man at a Mariners game. The man stated that he'd had this phone number for several years and routinely received calls from creditors and banks looking for the suspect. Police obtained an address for the suspect and the case is under further investigation.