Northwest NEWS

April 22, 2002

Local News

Land readied for single-family homes

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   "Tanglin Ridge" is the name of a new residential development to be built on the Woodinville-Duvall Road at the intersection of 151st Avenue Northeast.
   Actual work on Phase I of the two-phase project began on-site last week, though city officials began seeing paperwork for the project as far back as 1998.
   Readers may have noticed trees cleared and land bull-dozed from a swath of property about five blocks west of the ARCO AM PM gas station and market on the Woodinville-Duvall Road.
   It is there where 20 acres will eventually be subdivided into 32 single-family lots.
   Becky Perkins, senior planner for the City of Woodinville, said the land is zoned R-6, six units to the acre.
   Lot 32, which is a large parcel of land with significant slopes, will require considerable grading work and is reserved for Phase II of the project, Perkins said.
   Phase I is to have 31 single-family lots, or homes.
   Union Hill Construction of Redmond, owner-developer of the project, applied for and received a Site Development Permit from the City of Woodinville. The permit allows for site, grading, drainage, street and landscaping improvements to be made, said Susie McCann, permit supervisor for the City of Woodinville.
   The homes will come later.
   Pete Schroeder, part owner of Union Hill Construction, said his company contracted with Universal/Land Construction of Woodinville to do the land clearing and put in the roads. He expects road construction to be finished by mid-summer.
   A start date for home construction hasn't been determined. In fact, a builder hasn't been selected. Nor have building permits been applied for, let alone granted.
   "(At this point,) we're just getting the lots ready for building," said Schroeder.
   When the project's preliminary plat was approved by Hearing Examiner Ron McConnell in June of 1999, it was approved with certain conditions. Some of the conditions were as follows:
   It was determined that the applicant had an adverse impact on the Northshore School District and had to provide for mitigation to the district in an amount of $2,000 per lot.
   The applicant also had to pay for traffic impacts along the Woodinville-Duvall Road and was required to pay $62,000 as its proportionate share of the corridor improvement.
   The applicant had to grant some rights-of-way to the city.
   The applicant had to subscribe to a tree retention plan and tree replacement measures.
   The applicant had to provide an on-site recreation space for Phase I of the development.
   For now, however, contractors are busy with earth and utility work on the Tanglin Ridge property. The homes will come later.