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April 22, 2002

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Carnation considers wastewater agreement

by Karen Waddington
   Contributing Writer
   CARNATIONDuring a study session at the April 16 council meeting, a presentation was made by King County on the proposed interlocal agreement for treatment of wastewater for the city of Carnation.
   King County has drafted an agreement and sent it to the city of Carnation. According to the agreement, King County will design, permit and construct facilities to treat and dispose of sewage. They would also be responsible for the ownership, operation and maintenance of the facilities.
   Carnation would be responsible for the connection of the local sewerage facilities to the county's treatment facility, the delivery of the waste to King County, and the construction of the local facilities necessary to deliver sewage to the treatment plant. Other factors discussed were the size, cost and environmental considerations. The council thanked the county representatives for presenting a thorough and informational report, and will be discussing this in further detail.
   King County Wastewater Management Division was invited to the next Carnation Chamber meeting to discuss the impact this will have on local businesses.
   City Manager Woody Edvalson introduced the city engineers (Roth Hill) to discuss wastewater collection system recommendations. The engineers looked at a number of factors to determine the best way to provide the city of Carnation with a wastewater collection system, while keeping the costs down.
   The engineers looked at gravity, vacuum, and grinder systems before recommending the vacuum system, which would provide the most cost- effective solution for the city.
   A resident raised the issue of council voting on the approval of this program in phases since the majority of the voting council members live in unincorporated King County and will be brought in during a later phase. The council will discuss this issue further at subsequent meetings.
   In other council news:
   A special presentation was given by 45th District Representative Toby Nixon, who discussed recent bills that were passed during the first quarter legislative session.
   Of interest to the city of Carnation is bill #2407, which allows two or more local governments to create and operate a regional jail. Also, bill #2541 allows counties and cities to contract for jail services with any other city or county.
   Council member Clinton thanked Mr. Nixon for taking the time to explain the bills in detail. A complete list of all bills passed in the last session can be found at HYPERLINK "" under the heading of Bill Info.
   The next agenda item was the announcement of the appointment of Robert Cox to the Police Advisory Board. The Public Health and Safety Committee reviewed the submitted applications and after holding interviews, recommended the appointment of Cox. This fills the current vacant position which will expire December 2003. The council passed the appointment unanimously.
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