Northwest NEWS

April 29, 2002


Stop being selfish and volunteer at a shelter or work at a stable

In reference to the recent letters about our horses, I would like to jump on the soapbox. My feelings go beyond horses and into the question of responsibility as a pet owner.
   Shouldn't quality of life be first and foremost for the animal, not the owner? Why do these people insist on owning horses, dogs or other animals when they clearly cannot provide the quality of life that our pets deserve? I drive by a home every day where the sweetest dog is kenneled. The kennel is protected by the sun and rain; she has a dog house with fresh hay, food and water. What's wrong with that? Everything!
   Can you imagine living in a 10 x 10 room, never going for a walk, a drive in the car, having a day at the park, lying in front of a warm fire in the family room surrounded by people? What are people thinking when they take on the responsibility of owning a pet? Don't be a home for a pet if you can't provide quality of life. Volunteer at an animal shelter or work at a stable, but for heaven's sake don't call yourself a loving home. Stop being so selfish.
   Randi Astrom, via e-mail