Northwest NEWS

April 29, 2002


Tear down old school for a new performing arts/civic center?

*The old brick Woodinville School building located on 175th has a serious problem. The building used to be the City Hall of Woodinville.   

Stop being selfish and volunteer at a shelter or work at a stable

*In reference to the recent letters about our horses, I would like to jump on the soapbox. My feelings go beyond horses and into the question of responsibility as a pet owner.   

The goal is to keep traffic moving, safely and continuously

*L. Alan Collins of Carnation is no relation to me, never met him, but his excellent, common sense letter appeared in the Valley View last week.   

Tourist Overlay District and a change to residential zoning

*The purpose of writing this letter today is to alert my fellow citizens to a potential proposed change of zoning regarding our special Tourist Overlay District.   

What would Jefferson do?

*Thomas Jefferson once said that a revolution every 20 years could be a good thing: Sweep away all the old forms and institutions which have mutated to serve only themselves instead of the people and purposes for which they were originally intended.   

A letter in response to a letter from Rachel Smith, policy director for I-777 who wrote that workers should be able to make their own decision about union membership.

*I looked up the web site listed. The information on the web site could be viewed as "liars figure and figures lie," as in any other concepts that could be debated.   

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