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April 29, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

April 15: A man and blond woman entered a store in the 17600 block of Garden Way. The woman, wearing a long black overcoat, grabbed a hand basket and headed directly to the pharmacy. There the couple emptied the entire shelf of Sudafed. They also took a lighter and a tube of Arm & Hammer toothpaste. They walked to the deli and exited without paying for anything. Store employees attempted to contact the couple outside but the man ran to a white full-size late-model pickup truck with a white canopy and sped away. Store security grabbed the woman but she was able to slip out of the overcoat and took off across the parking lot on foot.
   Officers who were just responding to the call saw the woman running through the lot and stopped her. She was immediately placed under arrest. A search of her person incident to arrest revealed a baggie of white powder, needles, band-aids, cotton balls, an X-acto knife and straws. She was being read her Miranda warnings when one of the officers noticed that she was wearing a wig. The long blond wig was removed to reveal that the woman had short dark hair. When asked about the wig, the suspect stated that she was thinking about dying her hair, but wasn't ready to make the commitment yet.
   Officers attempted to process the woman with the name and date of birth she gave police, but it was ultimately determined that she was giving false information. Her true name was ascertained and she was booked into jail.
   April 12: A man in the 17600 block of Garden Way walked up to a check stand with two pizzas and ice cream. He presented the clerk a Washington State Food Stamp card to pay for the items. The clerk ran the card through, but it was declined. After several additional attempts, the man picked up his items and casually walked out the front of the store. Employees contacted the man outside and detained him without incident. Police arrived and arrested the man on misdemeanor theft charges.
   April 12: Two young males pulled into an athletic club parking lot in the 17700 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road. Knowing that the two males were not members, the owner walked outside to inquire. The driver asked the woman if this was an athletic club. She answered, "Yes." The two then pulled their white car further down the lot and parked next to a Toyota 4Runner. Minutes later the owner of the 4Runner went out to his car to find the rear window broken. The white car with the two males was gone from the scene.