Northwest NEWS

April 29, 2002

Local News

Duvall Police Report

Courtesy of the Duvall Police Department
   Apri1 15-At about midnight, officers were dispatched to a non-injury hit and run traffic accident at the intersection of N.E. Big Rock Road and Main Street. The victim said he was stopped in the left turn lane on Main Street. He looked into his rearview mirror and saw a red pickup truck approaching at a high rate of speed. The truck skidded into the rear of his truck. The driver of the red truck backed up and sped away. The vehicle was described as a red, possibly a late 70s Ford pickup, with two white males on board and front end damage. Anyone with information is encouraged to call police at 788-1519.
   April 16—Just after midnight, officers responded to a local business for a theft in progress, involving four suspects. One of them was still in the store when police arrived. Three of the subjects had grabbed beer and ran from the store. Once outside, the three tossed the beer into the back seat of a car and fled on foot into the woods. The fourth subject gave up the other three, who were contacted at a residence outside the city. They were interviewed and released to their parents. The store's surveillance camera recorded the theft. Charges have been filed.
   April 19—A parent brought his young son to the station for counseling. The boy had found a scooter behind a local business and was trying to sell it for $20. After the session, the scooter was logged into evidence as found property.
   April 19—Close to midnight, two subjects entered a local business and loaded up a shopping cart of beer. Suspect No. 1 distracted the clerk while suspect No. 2 pushed the cart full of beer from the store. No.1 then ran from the store. A store employee watched No. 2 throw the beer into the back seat of a vehicle. The suspect vehicle was seen leaving the lot with No. 2 running alongside trying to jump in. The store's surveillance camera recorded the entire incident. The suspects were identified and located at a residence outside the city. Both were arrested and the vehicle was impounded. Charges of theft have been filed.
   April 21—Officers responded to a hit and run collision in a local apartment complex.