Northwest NEWS

April 29, 2002

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Eastside Association of Fine Arts hosts spring show

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   With brush in hand, artist Steve Whitney must have taken two steps back, as all artists do, to check-out his completed oil painting of Venetian boats docked up against a stone square. The view of Venice in oils lights up in orange reds while the water reflects tints of blue green. Now the public has the opportunity to view Whitney's painting, "View of the Piazza" for themselves.
   It will be on exhibit at the Thumbprint Gallery in Woodinville May 1- 30. It joins a wide variety of oil and acrylic paintings as well as watercolors, collages, photography and sculpture on display at the Artists in Action show. Numerous artists submitted their work to the juried show, hosted by the 27-year old Eastside Association of Fine Arts (EAFA). Ted Pankowski, one of the volunteer show organizers and EAFA member, discusses Whitney's painting: "He was actually there and took the photo," he says. "It's very genuine."
   Genuineness in a painting's composition is a quality a juror will look for, as well as an artist's use of color, when choosing art for a show. Pankowski will offer one of his oil paintings at the spring show also. His New Orleans street scene depicts quaintness with bold and rich shades of purple, yellow, orange and green.
   "It's a scene of Sunday morning in the French Quarter. I was there about four years ago and took pictures," he says. "I always wanted to paint that." The photographs Pankowski shot in New Orleans detailed old French storefronts, looking shabby and chic with wrought iron balconies. The photos also revealed cars in the street scene, which Pankowski didn't want to include in his painting. Not a problem for an artist. Exercising artistic license, Pankowski omitted the cars when recreating his New Orleans picture on canvas.
   Viewers will not only experience the New Orleans painting while at the show, but also have the chance to watch Pankowski at work. An additional feature of Artists in Action will be on-site demonstrations by EAFA members, presenting and explaining their respective processes.
   "It's always fun to watch the artist work," says Pankowski. Demonstrations are scheduled for the second, third and fourth weekend and Pankowski mentions that a visit to the art show would make a great afternoon trip with antique shops and restaurants so close by.
   The Eastside Association of Fine Arts is a volunteer organization founded in 1975 by a small group of enthusiastic artists wanting to further their artistic development and stimulate artistic communication, education and growth in the community.
   "It's a great synergy, made up of professional and amateur painters," Pankowski says of the membership. "It's a supportive group. And, we've got members from all over the region .... from Renton to Camano Island."
   One member, Mary Aslin, who is a watercolor painter and Woodinville resident, organized the upcoming Woodinville show and Pankowski recognizes her efforts in putting it together, "She was responsible for collecting all the slides, notifying the jurors and arranging for the venue."
   Artists In Action is open to the public without charge. Opportunities to purchase some of the works for private collections will be available. The gallery is located at 14450 Woodinville-Redmond Road adjacent to the Woodinville Antique Gallery near Ste. Michelle Winery.
   For the Artists in Action schedule, gallery hours and directions, contact Thumbprint Gallery owner, John Starkey at (425) 481-2155.
   For further information, call Mary Aslin at (425) 881-5671 or Sheila Mattick at (425) 454-2546.