Northwest NEWS

May 6, 2002


Zoo's Butterflies & Blooms exhibition reopening May 17

Butterfly enthusiasts and novices can once again visit Woodland Park Zoo's seasonal Butterflies & Blooms. Back for its fifth year, the special exhibition opens May 17 and runs through Sept. 30 from10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
   Butterflies & Blooms promises visitors an experience that reveals the value, beauty and interdependence of butterflies and flowering plants. The exhibit should also inspire a deeper appreciation of ecological relationships among butterflies, plants and people.
   The exhibit presents a story in three chapters. The first chapter, Life Cycle Landscape, encourages visitors to imagine they are butterflies in each of four distinct life stages: the egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis for butterflies, cocoon for moths) and adult. Butterflies in Flight immerses visitors in a variety of habitats with free-flying butterflies. Nearly 1,000 butterflies representing at least 15 North American species are present at all times.
   The final chapter, the Conservation Garden, demonstrates how butterfly enthusiasts can attract and sustain wild butterflies in their own backyards. At times, zoo horticulturists and other gardening experts are on hand to answer questions.
   For more information, call (206) 684-4800 or 684-4026 (TDD). Also visit the zoo's Web site at