Northwest NEWS

May 6, 2002

Home & Garden

Soaker hoses save time and money

During the month of May, the Saving Water Partnership, representing 26 local water utilities, has joined with 20 local nurseries to promote the use of soaker hoses.
   Participating nurseries throughout King County are offering 25 percent discounts, plus a $5 instant rebate on soaker hoses.
   Soaker hoses not only save water and time, but also help keep plants healthier by delivering water directly to their roots.
   Saving water is particularly important during the summer, when lawn and garden watering make up about one-third of seasonal water use, regional supplies are lowest, and salmon and wildlife need water the most.
   And, experts estimate that 50 percent or more of this water goes to waste, due to evaporation, runoff, or simply over-watering.
   Eastside nurseries include Cottage Creek Garden Center, Molbak's - Woodinville, Classic Nursery & Landscape Co., Gray Barn Garden Center, Bellevue Nursery Inc., Hayes Nursery, Hopkins Nursery, Lawn & Garden Store, Inc., Gray Barn Garden Center at Bella Bottega, Redmond, Squak Mountain Greenhouse & Nursery, Olympic Nursery