Northwest NEWS

May 6, 2002

Home & Garden

Letter carriers to help 'Stamp Out Hunger'

*For nine years now, the National Association of Letter Carriers has conducted a nationwide "Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive" on the second Saturday in May.

Quiet please, kindergartners at work

*If you happen to drop in on Mrs. Nystrom's kindergarten class after lunch on May 9, please consider this.

Dining In: A brunch for Mother's Day

*Crunchy Pecan-Apple Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Make dinner time easier, more enjoyable and healthier

*If your family is anything like mine, planning dinner is a chore almost every night. Luckily for me, my husband does most of the cooking.

Soaker hoses save time and money

*During the month of May, the Saving Water Partnership, representing 26 local water utilities, has joined with 20 local nurseries to promote the use of soaker hoses.