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May 6, 2002

Local News

Duvall Police Report

Courtesy of the Duvall Police Department
   April 22ÑAn attempted fraud complaint was taken at a local business. The complainant had received a letter asking her to provide a safe bank account to be used for the transfer of monies into a foreign country. The letter listed a fax and telephone number. The writer guaranteed a substantial fee for use of the safe bank account. The complainant discerned the intent and called police. Law enforcement agencies call this letter "the Nigerian scam." It has been operating for some time now.
   April 23ÑAn officer driving through a construction area recognized one of the workers as possibly having warrants for his arrest. A routine check revealed three outstanding warrants. The subject was taken into custody and booked.
   April 24ÑA local woman was stopped for attempting to make a prohibited left turn. The officer checked her driving record and found her privilege to drive had been suspended for non-support payment. She was arrested for driving while license suspended. Charges have been filed.
   April 28ÑOfficers contacted a juvenile in front of a business on Main Street. The officer could smell the odor of alcohol.
   The juvenile at first denied drinking, but did eventually admit to drinking some vodka. A bottle of vodka was found stashed in a trash can in the bathroom. The teen was arrested and a parent was called. Charges have been filed for minor in possession/consumption of alchohol.
   April 28ÑOfficers responded with Duvall Fire to a three-car non-injury accident at the intersection of N.E. Big Rock Road on Main St.
   Two small import sedans were stopped in the roadway when they were struck from behind by a full-size truck.