Northwest NEWS

May 6, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

April 22: An officer waiting for a left turn signal at the intersection of Northeast Woodinville Way sat and watched as the driver immediately in front of him pulled into the intersection on a red light and proceeded to make an illegal and dangerous left turn. The officer stopped the driver and contacted an extremely agitated man seated behind the wheel. When asked for license and registration, the man produced a punched license. A records check confirmed that he was driving on a suspended license. The suspect was arrested and his car impounded. During a search of the car incident to arrest, the officer found a citation for Driving While License Suspended Third Degree out of Lynnwood Municipal Court.
   May 1: Officers received a call from employees involved in chasing a suspected thief. After concealing a personal CD player, the suspect exited the business in the 13900 block of Northeast 178th Avenue. Loss prevention employees attempted to contact the suspect outside, but he fled on foot. Multiple officers quickly spread out canvassing the town. The suspect was spotted several blocks from the store and arrested without incident. After Miranda warnings, store employees positively identified the suspect and explained to police that they had been after this person for some time. The business turned over video surveillance tape showing the suspect on eight different occasions taking items from the electronics section of the store. The man was arrested and booked on Felony charges.
   April 30: A suspect in the 12900 block of Northeast 178th Street gained entry to a commercial building by prying back a section of sheet metal. Once inside, the suspect found a set of keys and opened several offices. The suspect turned on lights as he went from office to office and eventually left with roughly $200. When police arrived, they were able to lift multiple sets of prints off the light switches. The case is under further investigation.
   April 29: Officers were called to the local theater regarding three disruptive teens. The suspects were talking, yelling and generally disrupting the movie when management asked them to leave. When the suspects refused to leave, police were called to the scene. Officers arrived and officially barred all three from the business for one year.
   April 28: As an employee arrived to work in the 14100 block of Northeast Woodinville-Duvall Road, he saw two males prying out a co-worker's car window. The witness went into work and informed his friend that two guys were breaking into her car. The victim thought this was a joke until she looked out to the parking lot and saw the two men in her car. The victim and witness ran out to the lot and confronted the suspects. One suspect ran to a black Honda and started the car.
   The other suspect and witness wrestled in the parking lot until the suspect broke free and jumped into the black Honda. Witnesses wrote down the license plate of the suspect car.
   Officers arrived and were able to gather evidence left behind.