Northwest NEWS

May 6, 2002

Front Page

Ohno Construction to build Cedarcrest athletic fields

by Karen Waddington
   Contributing Writer
   CARNATIONBids were opened April 19 on the Cedarcrest athletic track and field construction.
   All bids were reviewed and discussed with the Field Design Team. Ohno Construction was the low bidder. The total amount awarded was $2,528,600, which was over budget. However, Ohno Construction was willing to look at reductions.
   At the April 23 Riverview School District Board meeting, a motion to award the bid to Ohno Construction passed unanimously.
   In other board news:
   The board decided to hold a special meeting on May 7 to interview candidates for Director District 5.
   The board approved the Cedarcrest Engineering Design Team's trip to Detroit. The team has placed in the regional competition for the last three out of four years. Design Team members traveling will be Vong Ly, Devin Looijen, Brian Lee, Jared McKie and Alicia Bramble. The Engineering Design Team will be attending the DaimlerChrysler Build Your Dream Vehicle competition May 28-31.
   The board unanimously voted to accept the 2002 six-year Capital Facilities Plan.
   Paul Censullo, technology director, reported that the district is two-thirds of the way through the implementation of the Technology Levy. He reviewed each area of the plan, which includes new hardware, software, network upgrades, staff training, and long-range plans which include data collection on how technology improves student learning.
   The board discussed a district plan which encourages community use of school facilities. A committee was formed which surveyed and compared surrounding districts and they recommended a fee proposal. The board agreed that any new proposals for fees and usage should be discussed with the affected groups in advance, allowing for input at a board work study session.
   The board discussed the I-728 plan for next year which includes two teachers for class size reduction at the high school, maintaining current teacher allocations, professional development, cognitive coaches training, curriculum director and program assistant, and a 1.0 FTE teacher for class size reduction or contingency fund use due to reduced funding from the legislature. The total I-728 expenditure equals $610,816.
   The Collaborative Planning Time Committee has met several times to look at options for district-wide planning time.
   It has been suggested that one-half day per month be used. The board discussed the lack of productive instructional time during half days and suggested that the committee look at a decision made by Northshore to cut back five school days for students and use those for in-service or collaborative planning. This would eliminate most half days for students. The committee will present a formal proposal to the board in mid-May.
   During the study session, the districts deficit was discussed. The NERC budgets have been reduced, but the district is still expecting a deficit of $800,000. With 80% of the budget designated for salaries, Superintendent Robertson said he knew it was going to be a challenge, but felt that the district cannot rely on reserves anymore, stating we need to balance this budget.
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