Northwest NEWS

May 13, 2002


American Red Cross to present 'CPR Saturday'

The American Red Cross of Seattle-King County will present "CPR Saturday" on May 18 to teach life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills.
   "Hundreds of thousands of individuals become ill or injured every year," says Dotty Klyce, Director of Health Services.
   "With a well-trained community of family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, many serious accidents can be prevented. In fact, lifesaving training in CPR often really does mean the difference between life and death."
   This adult CPR class usually takes four hours, but on "CPR Saturday" people will proceed through the training requirements and complete the skills testing in two hours. There is not a charge for CPR Saturday.
   This event is an opportunity to enhance emergency preparedness at both the individual and community levels. It is estimated that over 600 individuals will come to "CPR Saturday" to learn lifesaving CPR skills and receive American Red Cross Adult CPR certification.
   Classes will be held at the Convention Center in downtown Seattle and Bellevue Community College.
   To pre-register, call the Red Cross in Seattle at (206) 726-3534 or go on-line to