Northwest NEWS

May 13, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

May 6: Two suspects broke into a storage lot in the 20100 block of 142nd  Avenue Northeast. Once inside, the suspects pried open the doors to two RV motorhomes. Items were reported missing but the owners will need to inventory the loss. The suspects gained entrance to the lot by cutting a hole in the outer fence. Officers were able to gather substantial evidence including shoe prints left behind by the suspects.
   May 4: After a full meal at a restaurant in the 13100 block of Northeast 177th Place, two women with a seven-year-old son attempted to pay with a personal check. When the owner asked to see identification, the woman writing the check explained that her driver's license was out in the car.
   The owner noted that this woman was using crutches due to the cast on her leg. In an effort to accommodate the woman with the cast, the owner walked out to the car with them. However, at the car the woman was unable to find any identification. The owner asked them to wait in the parking lot while she verified the check.
   The women in the car waited until the owner was back inside the restaurant before they sped out of the lot. Witnesses were able to give police the licence plate number. The case is under investigation.
   April 30: Two young male suspects entered a video rental store in the 13700 block of Northeast 175th Avenue. Inside the store, the suspects split up.
   One suspect went directly to the back of the store while the other suspect began asking multiple questions to the one clerk working up front. Based upon one of the questions, the clerk went back to the storage area to check inventory. When she came back out, both suspects were gone. Right then a woman walked into the store asking for a pen and paper.
   She told the clerk that as she pulled into the store, one of the suspects was running out the door with two boxes under his arm yelling at the driver to "go, go, go!" This witness wrote down the license plate number. Police arrived, took witness statements, the license plate number and learned that store security cameras caught both suspects on tape.