Northwest NEWS

May 13, 2002



Zack attack is back at fullback

by Russ Paris
   Special to the Weekly
   Until this spring, Zach Tuiasosopo (WHS class of 2000), played on the University of Washington Husky defensive squad.
   During spring practice, Husky head coach Rick Neuheisel determined the team needed Tuiasosopo to return to the offensive side of the ball.
   At Woodinville he was a fullback who was one of a long line of successful Falcon powerbacks, which included Pat Conniff, Aaron Hineline and Blake McIntosh.
   But when he began playing at the UW, Tuiasosopo was switched to defense and last year had become a starter at the outside linebacker position.
   "We need to get our 11 best players on the field and Zack has shown tremendous potential in starting with the first unit in Husky spring football," said Neuheisel. "The position coaches like his blocking ability and his soft hands which enable him to catch the ball while coming out of the backfield."
   The UW coaches agreed they needed Tuiasosopo to kick start the Husky offense.
   His first game at his new position will be in front of more than 100,000 fans rooting for the University of Michigan Sept. 1 in Ann Arbor, Mich.