Northwest NEWS

May 13, 2002



Twenty years of fitness in Duvall

by Carol Edwards
   Margie Coy who has chaired Duvall Days for many years and served as president of the Duvall Chamber of Commerce will celebrate her 20th year in the fitness business this year.
   "Fitness is a way of life and I wanted to create a group exercise program that was fun, high energy and give the participants a social fix at the same time. Keeping this in mind I tried out for a Dance Company franchise called Razzamajazz, based outside of St. Louis," said Coy who opened her franchise for 12 years in Duvall.
   "But there came a time when I wanted to branch out and become an independent and have my own studio where I could teach specialized programs. I went for my National Certification in Aerobics (AFAA) and opened my own studio - Fit Happens!," said Coy. Fit Happens! specializes in group exercise classes (Aerobics, High Intensity, Low Impact, Let's Dance Class, Weight Training Classes, Well, AB & Back Classes, and Strength and Flexibility Classes).
   "Several of us started with our children in car seats beside us and those children are now in college. Duvall is growing and fitness is needed at all levels. Three years ago, I was asked to teach elementary physical education at the Duvall Christian School. Then came to need for certification in Personal Training. Teaching fitness to youth has become my passion, and being Certified as a Personal Trainer (AFAA) has opened the door to individualized programs dealing with clients one on one and as Duvall grew, Duvall Fitness arrived. I work two short shifts at Duvall Fitness," said Coy who will be at the Aerobathon on Saturday.