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May 13, 2002

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Morgan Luce wins scholarship

Cedarcrest High School senior Morgan Luce was one of three winners of the WAVE Scholarship (Washington Award for Vocational Excellence) from this Legislative District. Cedarcrest High School is allowed to nominate one student who has completed at least 360 hours in one approved vocational program.
   Morgan excelled in the horticulture and floriculture classes. She was chairman of the Christmas wreath project that grossed over $5,000. Morgan helped the Horticulture Department design the layout for the display at this year's Garden Show at the Convention Center. Cedarcrest won first in the competition.
   Not only has Morgan excelled in this area, she has taken a college prep track throughout her four years at Cedarcrest. She will graduate 10th in her class with a current GPA of 3.945.
   She was recently nominated by the school staff as "Unsung Hero/Heroine" for the Eastside Journal's outstanding graduates. She is not only president of the Floriculture Club, she plays an active role in National Honor Society and organized and promoted the two largest fundraisers for the class of 2002.
   The WAVE Scholarship, which awards two years' tuition, will help Morgan continue her studies next fall at Western Washington University in Bellingham.
   As well as being academically and artistically talented, she is also energetic, innovative, self-motivated and is respected and well-liked among her peers and the staff.