Northwest NEWS

May 13, 2002

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Poets get creative in Carnation

Poets in Carnation had an opportunity to get creative last month and rose to the challenge.
   As part of the King County Library System's celebration of National Poetry Month, the Carnation Library held a limerick contest.
   The contest drew several dozen excellent entries, according to Librarian Kate Mullen.
   Mullen said that many "otherwise normal-looking people let their Inner Poet spring forth and submitted quite creative entries. The judges wanted to award prizes to all the entries."
   First Prize went to:
   One day in the town of Carnation
   There occurred just a bit of frustration.
   City Council were doers
   And threatened with no sewers
   The alternative was constipation.
   –by Suzanne Anderson
   Honorable Mention went to:
   There once was a town called Tolt
   That stood right here, I was tolt.
   Why in tarnation
   Do we call it Carnation?
   We don't call a heifer a colt.
   –by Grouse Hardly