Northwest NEWS

May 20, 2002


Warning to drivers

Modifications to the intersection at the Stillwater Hill Road and Highway 203 have created a line of sight problem for people turning south, making a left hand turn,from Stillwater Hill road onto Highway 203. School bus drivers have reported problems with sight distance. I witnessed an accident the first week of May after completion of the construction. I have had extreme difficulty in making the turn because of the restricted sight distance northward.
   Several people have contacted the DOT concerning this problem. One engineer told me there is a "window" providing line of sight northward. If I stop on the painted line, I look directly into a house. There is no line of sight. To get a line of sight, a driver is forced to enter the northbound lane of traffic on the highway.
   There will be other accidents at this intersection. The DOT and public should be aware of this dangerous situation.
   Kate Brougham, Duvall