Northwest NEWS

May 20, 2002


Residents have been sold down the river

Ignoring the poignant pleas from many of the town's oldest residents, Duvall's City Council voted for a lottery to allocate the 140 sewer hookups available before another moratorium of 5 to 6 years is enacted. The city's current sewer moratorium, which in reality is a building moratorium, has caused incredible hardship for those residents who wanted to sell or build on their property. Three years of testimony before the Council have fallen on deaf ears. Those residents who have paid for the original sewer system for 27 years with the expectation that they were guaranteed sewer when they were ready to build or sell, now know that this Council denies them those rights.
   What a travesty of justice for Duvall's townspeople. Folks who have held on to their small lots in Old Town as retirement investments only to find out for the last three years that they could neither build on nor sell their lots due to the moratorium. Now, after paying the entire amount of the original sewer assessment for those lots, they have no guarantee of ever getting access to the sewer that they have paid for. If they are not one of those lucky ones on lottery night, their property will be worthless for another 5 to 6 years when they will need it the most.
   The Duvall City Council should be ashamed.Many of our residents were baking pies and cookies for Duvall's voters on election days when most of the current City Council were in grade school. The Council could have easily characterized those residents of the city who were part of the original ULID as a special class or group and given them consideration according to legal testimony given at the council meetings.
   This is not about who has lived in Duvall the longest, it is about who paid for the original ULID. By its actions, the Council has ignored the contributions of those who have gone before them with the foresight to tax themselves with Utility District No.1 to provide sewers for the good of the entire community. Each member of the Council has ignored his/her own conscience and voted for the last argument they heard from an attorney about "legally defensible."
   Many of us who have been sold down the river by the original fallacious moratorium. There was never an emergency to justify the emergency moratorium and now, with this lottery, it appears that there is never going to be any justice either.
   Michael Subert, Duvall