Northwest NEWS

May 20, 2002


Guest Editorial:"So Many Changes in Just a Year"

*One year ago, we were a nation at peace, but not now. A short year ago, Blue Star Service Banners were lost in the memories of a half-century ago, but not now.   

Together we can find the right way to honor the past and serve present and future generations

*This letter is in response to Lucy DeYoung's thoughtful letter to the editor regarding the importance of the historic red brick schoolhouse on NE 175th Street in downtown Woodinville.   

Warning to drivers

*Modifications to the intersection at the Stillwater Hill Road and Highway 203 have created a line of sight problem for people turning south, making a left hand turn,from Stillwater Hill road onto Highway 203.   

How does one save a community?

*The stone structure is gone, wasn't worth saving. It was hand built of stone and mortar over a wood frame with a now deteriorating roof left over from another time.   

Residents have been sold down the river

*Ignoring the poignant pleas from many of the town's oldest residents, Duvall's City Council voted for a lottery to allocate the 140 sewer hookups available before another moratorium of 5 to 6 years is enacted.   

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