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May 20, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

May 13: An employee at a grocery store in the 14100 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road watched as a young man concealed a deck of cards and a pen and then walked out of the store. When security contacted the suspect outside, he tried to run. After a brief struggle the suspect was detained. Police arrived and the suspect admitted to the theft, but gave police false information about his name and date of birth. Eventually officers learned the suspect had a warrant for his arrest stemming from Escape charges. Suspect was booked into custody on a no-bail warrant.
   May 13: The owner of a business in the 15900 block of Woodinville-Redmond Road parked his truck inside his fully-fenced and locked lot and left for the weekend. Upon his return Monday morning, he discovered that a suspect broke into the lot, found a set of keys in the truck, unlocked several tool storage bins and took multiple items and tools. Police inventoried the missing items and the case is under further investigation.
   May 14: In March 2001 a woman and a contractor entered into a contract for the construction of a home in the 13700 block of Northeast 177th Place. Some time in December 2001 the woman sent the contractor a letter terminating their working relationship. On May 13th, 2002, the contractor was reviewing recent invoices when he noticed a bill for a hot water tank and heater from a local supplier. The contractor contacted the supplier who reported that the woman called and ordered the item and then when she came to pick it up she wrote down the contractor's account number and asked that it be billed to him. The contractor reported all this information to police. When police contacted the woman to discuss her side of the story she stated that she knew nothing about the incident and then refused to discuss the matter any further. The case is under investigation.