Northwest NEWS

May 20, 2002


Jacksons nominated for Community Leadership Award

The Northshore School District selected Rob and Sharon Jackson as its nominees for this year's WASA (Washington Association of School Administrators - Metro Division) Community Leadership Award.
   The Jacksons are among 18 recipients nominated for this award by school districts throughout the Puget Sound region and were honored at the WASA Community Recognition Awards Luncheon May 17.
   The Community Leadership Award is presented to non-WASA community members or groups, in recognition of their contribution to eduction.
   Specific criteria include benefit to students, leadership, motivation, success, history of service, recognition of others, and cooperation/coordination with local districts.
   What began eight years ago as a modest offer from parents to volunteer in their children's school, has blossomed into a substantial, long-term investment in five schools in Northshore School District. Believing in the power of focused goal-setting for academic and life success,
   Rob and Sharon Jackson started Partners in Education, a private foundation. The Jacksons have generously given their time and resources to benefit students at both the elementary and secondary levels with programs supporting educational excellence, such as:
   • PRIDE to provide extended learning/support for struggling students; Career development portfolios for all students to tie applied learning with post-graduation academic/career goals;
   • Charter education workshops; Artist-in-residence programs to build appreciation for the arts;
   • Social studies simulations to integrate academic skills, teamwork and problem solving;
   •Fully equipped technology classrooms (one computer per student);
   • Professional development for school and district leaders.
   "Through their Partners in Education Foundation, Rob and Sharon Jackson have supported many worthy efforts to enrich programs and services fo students over the past eight years," states Vicki Puckett and Sharon Williamson, principals of Woodinville High School and Leota Junior High School respectively.
   "They don't just sign checks; they also invest their personal time and talents to work with our students. The Jacksons richly deserve recognition because they are excellent role models for how to make a positive difference in our neighborhood schools."