Northwest NEWS

May 27, 2002


Seniors have home at last, but desperately need office help

After five years of struggling to offer programs for Woodinville's seniors, the Woodinville Senior Programs (WSP) at last have a designated address, phone, office and meeting room of their own.
   The program is now located at 17401 133rd Ave. NE, Suite A-03 in the old Sorenson School. The phone number is (425) 488-4289.
   Of vital importance now however, is the recruiting of volunteers to answer the phone, make reservations and exchange information so that office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, can be observed. Shift times of two to three hours are planned.
   For the time being, the program is depending on a machine to answer most afternoon phone calls while we recruit and train teams of seniors. Shellie Fagan, WSP manager also serves the Kenmore Senior Programs in a similar assignment, a task which demands her presence in the Kenmore office during afternoons.
   We are anxious to find more Woodinville folk to help in the office and also in planning and developing activities for the hundreds of people age 55 and up who live in the 98072 ZIP code area.
   A suggestion: During the summer months, grandparent/teen/granchild pairs could enjoy the experience together.
   WSP is a branch of the Northshore Senior Cdnter, which has been underwriting much of the costs as the small but dedicated band of volunteer seniors has struggled to maintain an identity for Woodinville.
   We are grateful to the Sammamish Valley Grange, the Woodinville Library, the Woodinville Lions Club and especially to the Brittany Park Retirement Community for their generosity in providing meeting facilities for our programs during these difficult years.
   We also thank the City of Woodinville and its Parks & Recreation Department for their continuing financial support and now for the space assigned to us in the Woodinville Community Center complex.
   The 25'x25' meeting room with it 10'x20' adjacent office is very close to the space available some 25 years ago when the Northshore Senior Center first opened in the original Lytle House before its first remodel. We hope the same spirit of hope and enthusiasm will now fuel the Woodinville facility as it struggles to meet the needs of Woodinville's own senior population.
   What the Woodinville Senior Programs become is up to the seniors of Woodinville.
   Eleanor Wallis, chair of the WSP Steering Committee