Northwest NEWS

May 27, 2002


City of Carnation considers fireworks and shake roof ban

At their meeting on June 4 at 7 p.m., the Carnation City Council will vote on a proposed fireworks ban. A council committee recently recommended against immediate adoption of a ban, favoring instead a more widespread approach that would involve efforts with King County and other cities. Not agreeing with the recommendation for delay, Mayor Stuart Lisk introduced the proposed ordinance saying, "We should ban fireworks because the opportunity for loss is far greater than any benefit of allowing the private display of fireworks."
   Councilmembers will also discuss a possible ban of new shake roofs in the community. Noting that one of the residential fires last July 4 was the result of fireworks on a shake roof, Councilmember Laurie Clinton said, "Just take a 360 degree look around Carnation. All you see is forest. We should also be concerned about the possible damage from wildland fires to the homes with shake roofs in our community."
   If the city adopts the ban, Washington state law prohibits the ban from taking effect for one year. The council will also discuss a proposal to spend additional funds hiring off-duty King County Sheriff's deputies to more fully enforce the city's current fireworks laws on July 4. Carnation experienced two house fires last year resulting from illegal fireworks.