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May 27, 2002

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Residents concerned over crosswalk safety

CARNATIONCitizens commenting at the May 7 council meeting included a request to the city to consider painting sidewalks across Tolt Avenue. A resident stated that it is difficult to cross the highway at intersections that are not painted because cars do not stop where there is not a crosswalk. Councilmember Joan Sharp stated that the Public Health and Safety committee will research this item with the Washington State Department of Transportation. Another citizen asked for more police patrols on Stephens Avenue because cars frequently speed past his home where there are small children who live and play nearby.
   A citizen also expressed concern about the attempted robbery at Ixtapa on April 26, because the initial 911 call was put on hold because police operators were busy.
   In other council business:
   Mayor Stuart Lisk reported that a citizen petition had been received requesting a ban on fireworks. He also received a letter from the Army Corp of Engineers responding to the city's letter of opposition to the Snoqualmie Section 205 Flood Hazard Reduction project. A letter was received from Rep. Toby Nixon regarding the new requirement for public agencies to display a POW/MIA flag on holidays and a King County Sheriff's Department bulletin was issued regarding fireworks in Carnation.
   The Public Health and Safety committee met on April 23 and discussed fireworks safety education and school zone crossings. Interested citizens can obtain a copy of the meeting minutes from the city.
   Other reports included a request from Councilmember Sharp to get more information about the status of Tolt Macdonald Park in relation to the King County Parks Department shortfall. The council decided to have the Utilities and Public Facilities Committee research the matter.
   The city planner announced that the Planning Board has a vacant position and applications are needed from interested citizens.
   The Public Works crew has reported that they have been widening some street shoulders. In addition, Public Works Director Jim Dorsey thanked the American Legion for loaning a POW/MIA flag to the city for Memorial Day until the city can acquire its own flag.
   Police Chief Sterland reported that the week of May 15th is Memorial Week for National Law Enforcement Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty in 2001.
   Deputy Chief Fallstrom reported that he is working with Police Chief Sterland on a public safety presentation at the elementary school and that the fire district board will consider the adoption of the regional emergency preparedness plan at their next regular meeting.
   Mr. Jim Francis, Chamber President reported that the last Chamber meeting had a great turnout. Representative Toby Nixon made a presentation and Police Chief Sterland talked about fireworks safety and the Special Olympics. The Chamber adopted a resolution in favor of sewers, held a vote regarding police services and voted unanimously against a ban on fireworks. Ms Christy True from King County Wastewater Treatment will attend the next chamber meeting and make a presentation regarding sewers. Mayor Lisk requested that the Chamber provide information to the council on their recent votes regarding sewers, police services and fireworks.
   A Public hearing on the Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and Public input on Proposed Sidewalk Improvements for 2003-2008 was held.
   Agenda Bills:
   Ordinance No. 640 (an ordinance of the city of Carnation, reducing the school impact fees for single family and multi-family residential development, amending the citys comprehensive plan in order to include an updated version of the capital facilities plan for Riverview school district no 407) passed unanimously.
   An agenda bill was presented authorizing the City Manager to sign a letter of agreement with King County to accept a $40,000 grant to assist with the acquisition costs of lot W Carnations Evacuation Hill site. After discussion by the council, the vote passed unanimously.
   An agenda bill to determine that a vacuum is the preferred method of wastewater collection for the City of Carnation was presented and discussed among the council.
   Council Goals for 2002-2003 were presented.
   Mandatory goals include an Emergency Management Plan and the Water Comprehensive Plan. Urgent goals are to determine a method of sewer collection (completed) an Economic Development Plan, and funding for the lot W acquisition (completed). Critical goals are Health Services, tax levy opportunities, police services analysis, and a budget timeline. Priority goals include business corridor design regulations, downtown beautification, a Farmers Market, Parks Comprehensive Plan, Tolt Town Commons, simplified financial reporting and processes and permitting. Other goals are to update the land use code.
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