Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002


Everyone's at graduation except those who didn't pass the senior project

Hypocrisy rears its ugly head once again! It's graduation time at Cedarcrest High School and everyone is preparing for the big event. Time to put on the cap and gown and walk with the class to receive the long awaited diploma, everyone, that is, except those who didn't pass the famous senior project.
   Students who are now deprived of participating in the culmination of 12 years of school. And do you know who sanctions the famous senior project and stands behind it with full enthusiasm because it teaches kids about the "the real world?" The Riverview School Board, who at the same time has gotten this community in debt to the tune of over $800,000. Superintendent Conrad Robertson publicly admits that figure will go even higher, and soon. Now that's the real world, folks.
   I think the Riverview School Board needs its own equivalent of the senior project for themselves more than a bunch of young high school students.
   They truly are hypocrites to stand in judgment of 17- and 18-year-old kids when they cannot even get their own act together.
   So, Mr. Robertson and the Riverview School Board, when you stand on the podium at this year's commencement ceremony to hand out diplomas and shake hands with the graduates, know that you are fooling no one not the graduates, not those of us in the audience, and not those students and families who would be walking, but aren't.
   May they never know such hypocrisy again.
   Karen M. Hill, Carnation