Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002


Guest Editorial: City of Bothell improving transportation challenges every day

from the City of Bothell Transportation Division
   The City of Bothell works diligently to improve its transportation challenges by researching opportunities that will focus on progress of the local arterials addressed as a transportation issue considered by Bothell City Council. Recent efforts include:
   Council designation of "Highway of Statewide Significance" for State Route 527 (Bothell-Everett Highway);
   Partnership with Sound Transit to improve State Route 522 Phase I Corridor; and
   Creation of Transportation Division within the Public Works Department consisting of a Transportation Manager, Transportation Engineer and Transportation Planner.
   "The City of Bothell is committed to implementing transportation solutions," said City of Bothell Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "Bothell City Council works effortlessly with our Transportation Division to address traffic concerns in our community."
   Bothell City Council recently designated State Route 527 as a "Highway of Statewide Significance." This designation will increase the City's opportunities to receive state funding dedicated to improving SR-527.
   Bothell City Council authorized City staff to enter into a Sound Transit agreement that begins preliminary design of and environmental work on Phase I of the State Route 522 Multi-Corridor Plan (MCP).
   This phase provides a unique partnership opportunity for the City to act as lead agency in constructing an estimated $13.5 million Bothell Way NE improvements. Projected improvements include:
   Adding transit lanes,
   Adding 100 or more parking spaces at the existing Park & Ride located at the southeast side of the Main Street/SR-522/SR-527 intersection, and
   An overhead pedestrian bridge east of Main Street and Bothell Way NE intersection.
   With the creation of a Transportation Division within the Public Works Department, it allows full-time staff to address transportation concerns and implement solutions. The Transportation Division works with regional organizations such as Eastside Transportation Partnership (made up of Eastside elected officials), Seashore Transportation Forum, Sound Transit, King and Snohomish Counties and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).
   For information on additional transportation efforts, call the City of Bothell Transportation Division at (425) 486-2768.