Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002


Northshore School District retirees honored

To date, 37 employees of the Northshore School District have announced their plan to retire from the district. Together they represent 892 years of service to Northshore students.
   Included among the retirees are a pair of elementary school principals, Jamie Putt (Cottage Lake) and Ron Belcher (Woodin). Mrs. Putt retires after contributing 29 years to education while Mr. Belcher totals 25 years.
   Larry Baker, a fifth grate teacher at Maywood Hills Elementary, boasts the most years of service among retirees with 43.
   The retirees, their present assignment, and the number of years they have worked for Northshore are as follows:
   Conrado Amuro, mechanic assistant, Transportation, 10 years; Larry Baker, fifth, Maywood Hills, 43 years; Rob Bastasch, assistant principal, Northshore Junior High, 28 years; Ron Belcher, principal, Woodin, 25 years; Mary Britton-Simmons, English, Woodinville High School, 25 years; Christine Clawson, fifth, Woodmoor, 30 years; Kathy Dalluge, Instructional Assistant, Fernwood, 13 years; Keith Dalluge, physical education, Northshore Junior High, 33 years; Ralph Davidson, science, Timbercrest Junior High, 17 years; Vicki DeWitt, math, Skyview Junior High, 30 years; Judy Fawcett, counselor, Timbercrest Junior High, 34 years; Jim Flynn, counselor, Leota Junior High, 30 years; Sharon Gansneder, cook manager, Fernwood, 30 years; Barbara Gilbert, fifth, Shelton View, 33 years; Judy Guion, 3/4 TAG, Shelton View, 34 years; Georgene Hebner, counselor, Bothell High School, 30 years; Carol Hoyt, Library Services, Hillcrest, 15 years; Kaye Hunt, bus driver, Transportation, 26 years; Billy Jo James, custodian, East Ridge, 20 years; Edith Johnson, bus driver, Transportation, 28 years; Michael Kometz, Tech Ed, Woodinville High School, 32 years; Shirley Kroh, second, Frank Love, 16 years; Janet Leovy, LASER, Canyon Creek, 27 years; Bill Mazzoni, counselor, Kenmore Junior High, 16 years; Catherine Nelson, fourth, Lockwood, 26 years; Cheryl Nesbit, second, Westhill, 12 years; Janie Putt, principal, Cottage Lake, 29 years; Don Redd, grounds, Support Services, 20 years; Lynne Saad, Art, Woodinville High School, 25 years; Gail Schell, second, Hollywood Hills, 32 years; Tom Scranton, Special Ed, Secondary Academy for Success, 20 years; Joan Springelt, fifth, Frank Love, 29 years; Sondra Statler, Instructional Assistant, Woodin, 24 years; James Wilson, shop supervisor, Maintenance, 25 years; John Wylie, electrician, Maintenance, 25 years.