Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002


Bob Leach celebrates 35 years with Postal Service

by Jim Walters, Woodinville Postmaster
   June 4 marked 35 years that Supervisor, Customer Services Bob Leach has been with the Postal Service.
   On hand for the celebration were Leach's wife Pat, former Postmaster Wayne Gibbs (1955-1984) and his wife, and the current 60 employees of the Woodinville Post Office.
   Leach recalled that when he first hired in at Woodinville, they had just gone from two to four routes, and that it has seemed to grow about two routes every year after that. (Woodinville currently has 35 routes.) Many anecdotes and stories were shared at the event. If any of you want stories of Woodinville from the 70s, you need to talk to Bob.
   Organizing the whole affair was Distribution Clerk Shirley Schmidt, who has been at the Woodinville Post Office just about the same amount of time as Leach. She also had many stories to tell.
   A cake with an enlarged depiction of the 33 cent Viet Nam War stamp of a helicopter landing with troops jumping off into a rice paddy was a highlight at the celebration.
   Leach hired into what was then called the Post Office Department on May 31, 1967. In June of 1968, his service was interrupted while he served his country in the U.S. Army.
   Leach was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. He remained in the Army until September 10,1971, and upon his release from active duty, he came back to what was now called the United States Postal Service, as a letter carrier at the Bitter Lake Post Office in Seattle.
   On July 16, 1977, Leach came to the Woodinville Post Office as a distribution clerk. He was hired here by Postmaster Wayne Gibbs.
   On July 30, 1977, Leach was promoted to the now defunct position of Supervisor, Post Operations.
   Leach is still a supervisor for the Woodinville Post Office 25 years later.