Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002

Local News

Area businesses commended by Liquor Control Board

On June 3, enforcement agents from the Liquor Control Board and detectives from the King County Sheriff's Office, using operatives under the age of 21, conducted area compliance checks. The checks determine availability of alcohol to minors.
   Area businesses refusing to sell alcohol to the minor operatives:
   Texaco Star Mart #3634
   4333 Tolt Avenue, Carnation
   Quality Food Center #830
   31722 Eugene St., Carnation
   Stillwater Grocery
   9301 Carnation-Duvall Road, Carnation
   Rite Aid #5205
   14035 NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, Woodinville
   AM-PM Mini Mart #5070
   15520 NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, Woodinville
   Safeway Store #533
   19150 NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, Woodinville
   Hollywood Hill Chevron
   14505 149th Ave. NE, Woodinville
   Woodinville Chevron
   13424 175th Ave. NE, Woodinville
   Zip Market
   19145 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd., Woodinville
   Arco AM-PM
   13023 NE 175th St., Woodinville
   7-Eleven Store #2306-21833B
   13923 175th St. NE, Woodinville
   Texaco Star Mart #3738
   15606 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd., Woodinville
   Albertson's #459
   14035 Woodinville-Duvall Rd., Woodinville
   Top Food & Drug #67
   17640 138th Place NE, Woodinville
   Cost Plus World Market
   13990 NE Mill Place, Woodinville
   Woodinville Texaco
   13106 175th St. NE, Woodinville
   Quality Food Center #111
   14160 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd., Woodinville
   Fall City Market & Deli
   4224 Preston-Fall City Rd. SE, Fall City
   Family Food Center No. 1
   33521 SE Redmond-Fall City Rd., Fall City