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June 10, 2002

Local News

'2 Dye 4' team offers humor with tie-dye

by Lincoln Potter
   Special to the Weekly
   We're talking colorful here. The wisecracking Jo Parmley and Marleen Lundin, the dynamic "2 Dye 4" duo, are the creative team who sell their tie-dye products at the market. Fifty colors, 17 design options, T shirts, camisoles, tanks, dresses and dozens of baby stuff you get dizzy walking into their marketing area. Soon they guide you through the maze of materials, colors, sizes, styles. Their customers take in the whole gamut from macho off-road racers to hairdressers to mood enhancing shirts for the entire pediatric intensive care unit patients and staff! at Children's Hospital. Somehow it doesn't seem fair that they should charge money for having so much fun but there you are their customers seem to love it too.
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