Northwest NEWS

June 10, 2002


Longtime school board member Laura Ritter resigns

CARNATIONAt the May 28 Riverview School Board meeting, a letter was read to the board regarding the resignation of longtime board member Laura Ritter, effective June 30. The board thanked Laura for all her hard work over the years and said they hated to lose her experience.
   Students from Tolt ASB presented the budget for the year. Budget items were discussed and both students answered questions from the board. The board thanked both students for a good presentation.
   Students from Cedarcrest ASB presented their budget for the year. Dan Pflugrath complimented the ASB on good money management in spending down their dollars but keeping enough in reserve for what's needed. Pflugrath congratulated the ASB on a job well done.
   Laura Ritter suggested having a non-voting ASB representative included in the school board meetings. The board was in favor and someone will begin creating a selection process. It was also suggested that the student serve for one semester and that it could possibly count towards community service or government credits.
   Budgets from all of the elementary schools were presented and discussed.
   A motion to approve Policy 2035 on Internet Safety passed. The policy states that that Riverview School District will conform to the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which includes computer monitoring and the use of an Internet Filtering Solution.
   A motion to approve Policy 2086 on Alternative Learning Diplomas passed. The policy states that students enrolled in Riverview's Alternative Learning Programs may receive a Riverview School District diploma for high school completion based on a set criteria defined in the policy.
   Next on the agenda was the discussion of the school calendar. A vote to approve it was made with the exception that the board is expecting good data on the consolidation of half days.
   Dan Pflugrath stated that the district has spent a lot of resources developing curriculum. If the calendar is not approved with the collaborative planning days built in, then he felt that the district would lose another year of improvement in the classroom.
   The board discussed whether or not students receive proper instruction during half days and how this will effect their learning. There was also discussion about parents need for day-care when the school is on half day schedule.
   Dan Pflugrath reminded the board that there are far more implications than just the calendar. He went on to say that it's hard to see spending so many dollars and so much energy on curriculum development and then not move forward. "We need to take next year to work out a model that will work across the district."
   Pflugrath reminded the board that they had a full year with the pilot program to work on this philosophy and that it's harder because the district is on three different schedules.
   Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation Grants process was next on the agenda. Helen Mellor presented the grant for the Phase II project which includes baseball and soccer fields.
   There are several alternative plans as well. A motion was made to accept the resolution as presented. Motion passed and a package will be submitted to the IAC for grant approval.
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