Northwest NEWS

June 24, 2002


Congratulations to the seniors of Cedarcrest High School

I am especially proud of your senior projects this year. I have read many of the papers and scored several of your presentations and am impressed by your outstanding work.
   For those of you new to the senior project: In order for a student to graduate from CHS, they must select a topic of their choice, create a poster for the subject, write a research paper, generate a product and make a 10-minute presentation to a panel of teachers and community members.
   A recent letter writer to this paper tells us our CHS students are not up to this task. That is their opinion but before you believe what they write, I challenge you, all parents and community members, to see for yourselves. Call (425) 844-4500 and sign up to be on a senior project panel.
   Not only will you get to hear several student presentations, you will also meet our supportive administrators and the dedicated staff who are coaching them with their projects.
   Every effort is made to be sure every student is successful. There is a team of teachers available to students for their projects. The district added an additional English teacher at CHS using I-728 funding to keep English classes smaller to focus on writing. The district promotes a grade appropriate project paper for each student at least once per year starting at grade 6.
   Our students are up to the task, but are you up to the challenge of supporting them academically on a panel. Call the number above to get next year's dates on your calendar now.
   Dan Pflugrath, President, Riverview School Board