Northwest NEWS

June 24, 2002


Food bank is thankful for postal workers

What a blessing you are to us. Again, you have overwhelmed us with your kindness and care for families in need. Thank you for helping us feed our families.
   The Maltby Food Bank is a unique food bank because we are not situated within any city limits. We do not have the ready resources of food banks in towns and cities. We are heavily, dependent on our community to help us care for our families.
   We have seen a big increase in families needing help stretching their food budgets. Our food supplies were dwindling. The postal food drive was a tremendous help and we should have enough food to get us through the summer into the fall.
   Thanks, also, to the wonderful Woodinville postal workers who willingly support us each year. We know it takes you longer to deliver the mail. We deeply appreciate your help.
   No words can truly express our feelings. We appreciate you and are grateful for your help. Thank you for caring.
   Fran Walster and staff, Maltby Food Bank