Northwest NEWS

June 24, 2002


Bothell's 102nd Avenue NE bridge night repair work to begin

BOTHELL On Tuesday, June 18, night work will commence from 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. by D.S. Purcell Painting, Inc., Dan R. Dalton, Inc. and National Barricade to repair the underside of the City of Bothell 102nd Avenue NE Bridge.
   The evening paint removal, steel repair work and repainting is expected to last 18 nights with the full repair project targeted completion by July 5. The work will produce some noise and bright lights throughout the night in the immediate vicinity of the bridge.
   Between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m., State Route 522 will be closed to westbound traffic and limited to one lane for eastbound traffic. Westbound traffic will be routed up Kaysner Way onto Main Street.
   "The City of Bothell Public Works staff coordinated this emergency repair work to this critical transportation link in an efficient manner," said City of Bothell Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "Night work was determined to be the best option to provide the least amount of impact to commuters and citizens."
   The 102nd Avenue NE Bridge was damaged June 3 when a construction truck towing a track hoe with a heightened boom struck the bridge's underside headed westbound on State Route 522.
   The bridge has a height limitation of 15 feet, six inches. It is estimated that the boom was approximately 17 feet high.
   Three of the four girders spanning over SR 522 were damaged. Structural engineers have determined that the 102nd Avenue NE Bridge is structurally sound for vehicular traffic.
   However, the speed limit across the bridge has decreased from 25 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour and engineers will continue to monitor the bridge's performance until it is fully repaired.
   Due to a City of Bothell sidewalk project already in progress on the 102nd Avenue Bridge, the bridge is closed to all pedestrian traffic indefinitely.