Northwest NEWS

June 24, 2002


Riverview School Board report

CARNATION- At the Riverview School Board Meeting June 11, there was a public hearing concerning the Flash program and a letter was read praising the board for moving so swiftly to make changes in the way the program is taught. A request was made to come back in late fall with information on other school buildings before the Flash program starts again. Changes were only made at Carnation.
   Superintendent Conrad Robertson and School Board President Dan Pflugrath reported that they had attended several 5th grade moving up ceremonies.
   Duvall Mayor Becky Nixon was in attendance and thanked Laura Ritter for her service and her many years of hard work, stating, "You did a great job."
   Facilities use recommendations were discussed.
   All of the buildings submitted a list of users and those users were invited to come to a meeting where the need for rental fees would be discussed. Only a few showed up.
   A suggestion was made that a second letter should go to all those who were not able to attend. The letter would have an explanation and offer a chance for input and suggestions.
   Mr. Pflugrath told the committee he appreciated the time and effort they had put in on this matter. Mr. Robertson also reiterated that the key is going to be consistency at all of the buildings so that everyone is treated alike.
   Someone from the Duvall Arts Commission spoke to the issue of rental charges, stating that it will drive the cost of tickets up.
   The Arts Commission asked the board to reclassify them so that their rental fees would drop. They offered their own proposal which the board will consider.
   The board discussed the current structure, and proposed changes in fees, categories and classifications. A number of options and alternatives were discussed. The board will discuss this further and revisit it at future meetings.
   Small projects budgets were presented. It was reported that Tolt is looking into a mentor program similar to the one that Cedarcrest has.
   Community Service Award nominations were discussed and this year it will be awarded to the Duvall Civic Club.
   The board presented its 2002-2003 schedule.
   The board will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.
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