Northwest NEWS

June 24, 2002


Valley View writer to teach at Lake Washington Voc-Tech

   Karen Waddington, a Duvall resident and reporter for the Valley View, will be teaching business writing classes at Lake Washington Voc-Tech School.
   Waddington will be teaching the following courses:
   COWR 085 The Winning Edge of Business Writing
   Learn the science and art of professional writing, from business letters to reports. The class will focus on the basics of layout, proper grammar, business "norms" and practices, and effective content.
   Summer: T 7/30-8/20 6-9pm Cost:$99.00
   Fall: T TH 10/9 - 10/24 7-9pm: $99.00
   COWR 090 Beyond Business Writing Basics
   This course is designed to teach more advanced forms of professional writing including: presentations, speeches, marketing pieces, collaterals, newsletters and more! Students will be encouraged to bring real life examples and work projects.
   Fall: TH 11/7-12/5 6-9pm Cost:$129.00