Northwest NEWS

July 1, 2002


Time to say goodbye

Over the past 10 years I've been honored to work with the bravest men and women in Duvall. I also consider it a great honor to have served the citizens of this valley and surrounding communities.
   My tenure with the Duvall Fire Department has been nothing short of wonderful. The skills I've learned have helped me in my everyday life but more importantly it has been the people that I have come in contact with through calls to 911 and the friendships I have made in this department.
   When I started volunteering 10 years ago, all I wanted to do was ride on the fire truck and put out fires. Little did I know that when my pager would alert me, it would mean leaving my home at all hours of the day or during a birthday party or a holiday dinner (more than a few times).
   Nor did I expect the time it takes to maintain the training standards to properly serve and protect the needs of this community. I also didn't plan on being on being the DFFA president, working my way up the ranks to volunteer lieutenant, or having the pleasure of serving pancakes for the past ten years. After all, it was the idea of riding in the fire truck and putting out fires that got me to join.
   As I look back on my career with the fire department, the two things I will remember most are the character and strength of those we cared for and the dedication the members of this fire department showed. It didn't matter whose house we were going to or how foolish a person may have been while driving.
   When someone calls 911, it is because they need help. It may be as simple as a cut on the hand or as life threatening as a heart attack or an auto accident that would require airlifting the critically injured to Harborview Hospital in Seattle.
   I've cared for many patients and their families who have shown great courage in the face of adversity. It is those calls that I will remember the most, for those were the calls that made me understand the importance of volunteering for this community.
   I will also remember the dedication the men and women of this department showed on those calls to 911. I know we have an excellent fire department. We train to make ourselves the best we can be and we treat everyone with care and dignity.
   Being a volunteer firefighter for this community has been great. I always enjoyed it when children and their parents would visit the station for tours and see the "Big Trucks." Or when I would be shopping and someone would say "thank you" with a smile or better yet cookies (yes, firefighters love to get cookies) delivered to the station. And how can I forget to mention the pancake breakfast, a great tradition in this town. It was a pleasure to serve all of you, all those pancakes for the past ten years. Yum, yum, yum.
   Finally I would like to thank the following officers and firefighters for their guidance and friendships over the years. Vol. Bat. Chief Ted Ritter, Vol. Capt. Brent Nordlinder, Vol. Capt. Mike Reid, Vol. Lt. Greg Garland, Vol. Lt. Pete Greenstreet, Lt. Todd Light, and Lt. Stu Rowe, Chaplain Martin Redman, FF Pat Daniels, FF Robert Lee, FF Jim Russell, FF John Bethel, FF Karyn Morehouse, FF Danny Shelby, FF Gary Olivas, FF Maria Mahowald, FF Ralph Harris, FF Paul Kingham, EMT Mike McMurray, FF Ken Taylor and John Fraizer, and all the rest of the current firefighters who work hard to maintain the highest standard of care for this community.
   So, after10 years of leaving home at all hours of the day or night, a few fires, a sore back, one road improvement project and two fire engine modifications. Too many laughs and good times, it is time to say good bye.
   Volunteer Lt. R.B. Evans, Ret., Duvall