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July 1, 2002

Local News

Lease for park & ride land approved

KENMORE - Plans for a Transit Oriented Development in Kenmore took a step forward recently as the King County Council Transportation Committee approved a measure to lease land from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at 7304 Bothell Way NE. The 50-year lease, at an annual cost of $216,000, will allow King County to add 220 stalls to the Kenmore Park & Ride by the end of 2003. The new lot will have 652 stalls.
   The second part of the project calls for selling the Northshore Park & Ride lot in late 2002 for development of 150-200 mixed-income family housing units.
   Several developers have already expressed interest in the project.
   The housing complex is referred to as a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) because it offers special incentives for residents to use transit as their primary means of transportation as part of the County's efforts to reduce congestion on SR 522.
   King County Councilmember Carolyn Edmonds, who sits on the Transportation Committee, expressed satisfaction with the deal."This is a win-win situation for King County and the City of Kenmore," said Edmonds. "The Kenmore Park & Ride is much more convenient than the Northshore Park & Ride for commuters, so expanding it makes sense. And the eventual creation of a transit-friendly housing development at the present Northshore lot goes well with the City's vision of the downtown area."
   Kenmore City Manager Steve Anderson agreed. "This is a great project that will expand the existing Park & Ride next to the 522 corridor. The TOD project is also exciting because it will be a cornerstone of our downtown master plan."