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July 1, 2002

Local News


The big fill on Hollywood Hill

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   The now-famous deep hole located on a county road in the Hollywood Hill area near Woodinville is filled.
   It took about two hours and more that six truckloads of cement - 55 cubic yards - to fill it.
   King County officials believe the hole, first spotted by a neighborhood youngster who noticed it was growing wider, is an abandoned water well. To determine this, county crews consulted with state engineers and reviewed the history of the neighborhood. All the information, including video observation, convinced them the hole was originally drilled for a water well near a long-gone farmhouse. The 236-foot shaft did not appear to connect to any other holes, tunnels or underground voids, though a four-inch pipe ran inside the well and continue downward an additional 21 feet.
   The county, in conjunction with the state Department of Ecology, developed a plan for closing the old well using non-polluting materials.
   Cement was poured into the shaft to within three feet of the surface. It will be left to settle for a few days. Then, a larger square cut will be made in the roadway and repaved to create an even road surface on top and around the filled hole.
   For 10 days, the abandoned well that opened up on a quiet residential street captured the attention of local residents and people around the world. CNN, ABC Radio, the Associated Press and even two Web sites devoted to paranormal activities picked up the story.