Northwest NEWS

July 1, 2002

Front Page

Traffic moving but businesses suffering due to bridge closure

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL—The police have not reported any real issues with traffic in Duvall since the closure of the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge last week, according to City Hall Administrator Doreen Wise.
   "Traffic is moderate to heavy, but the intersection at NE 124th is being flagged, and that helps," she said. "There haven't been any negative phone calls. The city is pleased, so far."
   But, she emphasized, city businesses have been suffering since the closure.
   "The businesses in Duvall want to make sure people out there know they are open," she said.
   Wise added that Mayor Becky Nixon, in her latest newsletter, said she was proud of the way the county, city and state worked together to deal with the traffic problems.