Northwest NEWS

July 8, 2002


Things must change at WHS

The past two years I have had a son that has gone to Woodinville High School and he will be a senior this next year. I wouldn't know first hand what exactly is going on at the high school, but my son and his friends tell me all about it.
   I am writing this letter to inform the public of things that have happened at the high school in the past that you may not be aware of.
   Back in December of this last year there was a shooting in the parking lot of the high school. The students took proper action and told police and administration then nothing was done about it.
   No one was informed of that incident which made me furious that my son was attending a school where such a serious crime would be covered up.
   I know these students and they are good friends with my son and it just makes me dejected that the people that are covering up crimes like that are also responsible for the safety and education of our kids.
   This year I attended every home game of the Woodinville High School basketball team. I enjoyed watching the games, but what I did not enjoy is the fact the student section had to remain seated and silenced the whole game. My son sits in that student section every game and I'm sick of him coming home after every game and giving me an earful about just how the administrators won't let them chant "air ball" or "it's all over.' That honestly really doesn't make me all that mad about the chants, but what makes me mad is that the administration would take away an element of the game like that by silencing the crowd.
   Now, I love the way that the administration is supporting our teachers at the high school. I say that with a tone of sarcasm for those of you who haven't been following the newspaper or even the news. I am disgusted with the fact that a teacher would be criticized by a fellow educator by saying "he lacks moral character." If you say something like that about one of your fellow employees who is well liked among all the students and staff at WHS, it really isn't hard to figure out just who lacks the moral character.
   We are losing many great teachers this year. I don't want to say that they are all leaving because the support they are not receiving from the administrators, but I'm sure that has a little something to do with it.
   My last pet peeve I have with the administration is the fact that they aren't more men. It's really not all the big of a deal to me, it is just that there are just as many boys that attend WHS as there are girls which means there has got to be at least one guy to relate to the gentlemen.
   I would like to conclude this letter in a professional manner by saying that the kids that attend WHS need to be treated fairly, just like how all the other schools treat their kids. My son is going to be 18 this next school year, which means he will be an adult, and oh boy, I'm telling you right now he better be treated like one.
   Name withheld by request