Northwest NEWS

July 8, 2002


Customer service does matter regardless of the cost

I just wanted to write to share my concern for the lack of customer service I am finding theses days. I was at a local store recently to return the $23 item. I had left the receipt at home, so I made another trip a few days later and the owner refused to take it back saying it was over the 7 day return policy. It was not; she has her date wrong on her machine.
   I called my credit card company to verify the purchase date and I was correct it is in dispute. The funny part was she did not even notice that it said I was there Friday at 9:30 a.m. She does not even open until 11 a.m. I was there on Saturday in the afternoon. I was at work and my child was in school that Friday morning.
   I was SO frustrated at the lack of caring that I e-mailed everyone I know and I have received five e-mails back saying they have had similar experiences at this business. I am guessing she is only nice to the big spending clients, how sad.
   How is it these small businesses exist with the lack of customer service? I have purchased things there in the past, but you can be sure I will not be going back again.
   I know there are places in Woodinville that are helpful and knowledgable, I think I will spend my money at places that value my business. I am writing to show that customer service does matter, even if it is only a $23 item.
   Name withheld by request