Northwest NEWS

July 8, 2002


'Friends' Blood Drive to help donor deficit

WOODINVILLE - The Puget Sound Blood Center (PSBC) is launching the "Friends Ask Friends to Donate Blood" campaign to encourage first-time blood donors to help overcome a summertime donor deficit that occurs due to the loss of school blood drives and summer vacations. To aid the campaign, a blood drive will be held at Woodinville City Hall, Monday, July 15, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Donors must be 18 or older (16 or 17 with PSBC parental permission form), weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good general health. To schedule a donation appointment, contact Karin Roberts, City of Woodinville Wellness Coordinator at (425) 489-2700 Ext. 2202.
   With the "Friends ask Friends to Donate Blood" Campaign the Puget Sound Blood Center is hoping to simultaneously achieve two goals: increase participants in the program and overcome the summertime challenge. "If only eight current donors at each drive bring a new person with them we can ensure a steady blood supply to area hospitals," says Dave Leitch, Recruitment Manager, Puget Sound Blood Center.
   Each day, the Blood Center must collect over 800 pints of blood for patients in regional hospitals. The need for blood is constant. Year round, regional hospitals are filled with cancer and surgery patients, accident victims, premature babies and others who cannot live without the support of volunteer blood donors.
   For more information , visit Puget Sound Blood Center's website at