Northwest NEWS

July 8, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

June 25: A man in the 14000 block of Northeast 181st reported the theft of car speakers and several CDs from his car. When police investigated, the man explained that he left both doors unlocked and parked the car overnight out on the street. There was no physical evidence to gather.
   June 22: Employees arrived at their construction site in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue Northeast to find three of their trailers burglarized. The suspect(s) pried open several storage containers and work trailers taking tools and building materials. Officers investigated and lifted multiple sets of prints. The case is under further investigation.
   June 20: Kirkland Police impounded an abandoned car at Evergreen Hospital. Several days later it was determined that the car was a stolen vehicle from Greencastle, Ind. Woodinville officers searched the car and found hospital admission paperwork for a particular person. When Woodinville officers contacted police in Greencastle, it was confirmed that the main suspect in the car theft was the same person named on the hospital paperwork. Officers are following up on leads.