Northwest NEWS

July 15, 2002


Is the Council creating a problem that can't be 'lived' with?

There was another fatal accident on 136th Ave NE (and 205th) a couple of weeks ago. That was the third for that street. It was my understanding that when a street has had three or more fatalities, the city, county or other governing party will finally act on the problem. Woodinville City Council has a proposal in front of it to decide on July 24 whether to allow a proposed 38-house development to be added to 136th Ave NE. There is a new city park and a skate board park on this street already. Add all that to the fact that a Snohomish County industrial area and housing development also use this street as a freeway access and with Woodinville High School students careening up and down it, 136th Ave NE has already met its maximum usage.
   We have to ask, what are they thinking? What does the City Council use for criteria in their decisions on what density to allow in an area. Maybe the City Council needs to ask themselves the question: Just what is the maximum development an area can handle before the Council creates a future problem we can't "live" with.
   Jeanette van der Heyden, Woodinville