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July 15, 2002


Woodland Park Zoo summer exhibits, hours and programs

African Wild Dog, a new exhibit, is now open at Woodland Park Zoo. Don't miss your chance to observe these highly social carnivores, also known as painted dogs, Cape hunting dogs or African hunting dogs, near the lion exhibit in the zoo's award-winning African Savanna.
   Summer hours
   Summer hours Woodland Park Zoo opens 9:30 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. daily.
   Summer programs
   Programs are effective June 22 through Sept. 2 except as noted. Locations of programs are posted at zoo entries.
   Hippos 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays. Here's your chance to see the zoo's hippos up close and ask staff questions about these immense animals.
   Animal Contact Experience 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily.
   Touch domestic farm animals and learn more about them in supervised areas at the Family Farm. Subject to cancellation due to weather.
   African Village Exploration 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. daily.
   Explore the characteristic and often undetected features of this new, fascinating exhibit with zoo staff. Discover how it represents life in an East African village!
   Discovery Barn 11a.m. - 3 p.m. daily.
   Discover how birds use their amazing adaptations for survival through self-directed activities, crafts and a variety of hands-on opportunities for kids. Wing your way into the Discovery Barn and join in on the fun!
   Humboldt Penguin Feeding 11 a.m. Fridays. Here's your chance to talk with zoo staff and watch as they feed fish to the endangered Humboldt penguins.
   Pony Rides 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. Last ride is at 4:00 p.m.
   Located next to the North Meadow, guided pony rides are $2 each. Children must be at least 2 years old and weigh less than 120 pounds.
   African Village Theater noon, 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m. daily. Share an unforgettable experience of African culture through storytelling, drama or song!
   Jaguars 1 p.m. Wednesdays. Reclusive jaguars are the largest felines found in the New World. Join zoo staff for a talk about these amazing cats.
   Lions/African Wild Dogs 1:30 p.m. Mondays. Meet a keeper and learn about these fascinating and highly social African carnivores.
   Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden 1 p.m. Fridays. Zoo horticulture staff discuss how to attract a variety of beautiful butterflies to your garden.
   Lion-tailed Macaques/Malayan Tapirs 2 p.m. Saturdays. Meet zoo staff and learn about these highly endangered animals.
   Raptors 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays; 12:30, 3:30 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. Keepers will introduce you to our resident raptors. Here's your chance to learn more about these hunters of other birds, mammals and fish. Subject to cancellation due to weather.
   Staff Talks daily; locations and times posted at zoo entry gates. Meet zoo staff at different zoo exhibits to learn more about the behavior and habitat of primates, felines, birds and many other animals.
   Overnights at the zoo
   Zoo Overnight Adventures The roar of a lion, the thump of a*Hey? What was that? Find out when you come for your overnight at the zoo! Bring a group of your own a friend's birthday, your classroom, co-workers, church group or youth organization. During your adventure, you'll prowl the zoo and discover amazing facts about the zoo's creatures. Learn from zookeepers about the animals in their care, and enjoy a hands-on-encounter with a critter. Cost is $35 per person. Age limit is 7 and up to seniors. 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday evenings. Includes snacks and continental breakfast. Groups need to have at least 30 people. If not, July 12 and 17 and Aug. 3 and 17 are reserved for individuals. Call (206) 684-4841 for more information and available dates.
   More fun
   Reptiles and Arthropods of Africa
   Look for a special cart with the banner, "Reptiles and Arthropods of Africa." Come face-to-face with a variety of exotic animals from Africa. Subject to cancellation due to weather.
   Habitat Ramblers
   Be on the lookout for a habitat rambler wearing an "Ask Me" button.
   Using a variety of animal props and enrichment items used by keepers, volunteer habitat ramblers provide information about bioclimatic zones, animal enrichment activities and conservation efforts.
   Reptiles on Wheels/Bugs on Wheels
   While visiting the zoo, look for special carts with banners titled "Reptiles on Wheels" or "Bugs on Wheels." Stop by to see strange and beautiful bugs, snakes or lizards up close.
   Discovery Boxes
   Have you ever touched an elephant tusk or seen a giraffe skull? Unique hands-on experiences await you at discovery boxes located at zoo exhibits. Zoo docents are available to answer your questions
   For more information and to become a zoo member, call (206) 684-4800 or 684-4026 (TTY) or visit the Web site at
   Washington Mutual ZooTunes The 2002 summer concert series begins Sunday, July 7 and continues Wednesday evenings, July 17 to Aug. 28. All concerts are sold out except Dar Williams with special guest Kris Delmhorst, Aug. 28, $14. Tickets are available at both PCC and zoo gates. For ticket information, visit, call the Washington Mutual ZooTunes Hotline at (206) 615.0076, or visit our Web site at
   General information
   Hours: Zoo opens at 9:30 a.m. daily, 365 days of the year. Closing times vary: 5 p.m. March 15 through April 30; 6 p.m. May 1 through September 14; 5:00 p.m. September 15 through October 14; 4:00 p.m. October 15 through March 14.
   Zoo admission: Adult (18-64) $9.50; Senior (65+) and Student with ID $8.75; Youth (6-17) and Disabled $7.00; Preschool (3-5) $4.75; Toddler (0-2) Free. King County residents: Adult (18-64) $8.50; Senior (65+) and Student with ID $7.75; Youth (6-17) and Disabled $6.25; Preschool (3-5) $4.25; Toddler (0-2) Free. Zoo members receive free zoo admission year-round.
   Parking: $3.50. Parking is limited. Please call Metro at 206.553.3000 for bus service to the zoo.
   Information: For more information and to become a zoo member, call (206) 684-4800 or 684-4026 (TTY) or visit our Web site at People with disabilities will be accommodated on request. A two-week notice is requested for sign language interpreters by calling zoo general information.